The first half of the Buffalo Bills game against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday wasn't exactly how fans pictured it.

The Bills offense sputtered and could only muster three points off a 57-yard Tyler Bass field goal; while Miami had a 51-yard field goal from Jason Sanders.

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However, the end of the first half is what Bills fans are most furious about. The Bills decided to go for a 4th down and short just inside the Miami 45 yard line. Josh Allen was sacked near the Bills own 40 yard line, but it sure looked as if the Dolphins (multiple players) jumped offside.

It was not called.

The ball was snapped a moment later, and it appeared Allen was under the impression a penalty for offsides would be called.

After head coach Sean McDermott had a long discussion with the officiating crew, it was changed to intentional grounding and a loss of down.

Then, Matt Milano was called for a horse-collar tackle, even though that call was also extremely questionable since running back Myles Gaskin wasn't impeded by the tackle attempt and fell forward.

The Bills did not play well on offense in the first half, but both calls were not good at all. I honestly thought that Highmark Stadium was ready to explode at that moment.

Luckily for the Bills, Miami fumbled the ball in the red zone and safety Micah Hyde recovered to leave Miami empty-handed on the drive.

If the Dolphins has scored there, however, Bills fans would be even more upset.

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