You definitely remember how many Bills fans invaded Nashville to see the Bills play the Titans. That was awesome!

Even though it was a painful loss on Sunday, a ton of Bills fans made the short trip down the 90 thruway to watch the game against the Browns in Cleveland.

According to WIVB, one fan estimated 15,000 people were at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland.

These were just some of the shots taken of the Bills fans in Cleveland:

Nick Giammusso of VIP Tix says it's easier than ever to buy tickets to away games for fans:

“Now with the secondary market, it is so opened up and mainstream, what the fans look for, it’s much easier to get those tickets in places outside of buffalo, said Giammusso”

I know the Bills are all the way down in Miami next Sunday but WNY transplants always invade the Dolphins stadium and with a 6-3 record, that should ring true again.

For short drives -- week 15 features a road game in Pittsburgh to play the Steelers...just saying.

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