A new piece of bling for the Bills to wear against the Bengals. 

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The Buffalo Bills have no shortage of ways to show their support for Damar Hamlin. The beloved Bills safety, who is currently making a remarkable recovery after suffering cardiac arrest several weeks ago in Cincinnati, is a known favorite among the Bills’ staff and players. 

The Bills roster has shown their love for their teammate by sporting shirts, carrying flags, posting positive social media updates, and giving emotional statements during press conferences. Now, they’ll have a new - and more expensive - way to honor their beloved #3. 

TMZ reports that New York City-based jeweler Rafaello and Company sent the team eighty 14-karat gold pendants displaying Damar Hamlin’s number, 3, with a small heart attached. They also gifted the jewelry to Damar’s family. 

The stunning piece also has a small but significant bonus. Etched on the back of each “3” is Hamlin’s inspirational and now famous quote he coined before the medical incident that made him famous across the globe:

“If you get a chance to show some love today do it! It won’t cost you nothing."

TMZ  also reports that Damar will be given a pendant too, but his will be a little different…as in,  it will also feature diamonds. 

The Bills seem extremely grateful for the surprise gift, judging by their comments on social media. Von Miller showed off his new prized possession on his Instagram stories and showed his appreciation along with Dion Dawkins in the jeweler's Instagram comments. 


The post was liked by some other GOATS - QB Josh Allen and his wide receiver partner-in-crime Stefon Diggs


But the best comment of all came from the man who inspired the gift himself.


The Buffalo Bills will have to face their fears about the terrifying event when facing the Cincinnati Bengals again in the playoffs this Sunday at Highmark Stadium. It’ll be the first time the two teams have been on the field together since the last game was canceled after Hamlin’s medical emergency.

All of us in Western New York can only hope that this generous, thoughtful gift will help the Buffalo Bills keep Damar close to their hearts before, during, and after the game -  and bring them lots of good luck in the process.

These gorgeous gifts may have been expensive, but as we're all reminded (thanks to #3), "Showing a little bit of love costs nothing."

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