Buffalo Bills fans will have to make some gameday adjustments this Sunday, as the Bills will play at 9:30 am local time.

The Bills are playing in London for the first time since 2015 and face the same team they squared off against in that 2015 contest -- the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Bills are 3-1 and looking to stay atop the AFC East, while the Jags are 2-2 and look a little more shaky after a promising start on offense. Still, Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne and Calvin Ridley will be big challenges for a Bills team that lost cornerback Tre'Davious White for the season, while also battling some other minor injuries.

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The media has made their way over to London for the game, while the Bills will be traveling overnight tonight. This is not uncommon for teams to do. The Bills did this back in 2015. They will arrive overnight and likely try to stay up as long as possible on Friday, to get on London's time and schedule.

Matt Bove shared a tour of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in North London on Thursday morning, which shows the beauty of the stadium, which is mostly used as a soccer stadium.

The Jags and Bills, however, get special NFL locker rooms. The Bills' one is massive and was actually used as Beyoncé's dressing room.

The stacked seats make it look like the fans are on top of you, which is exactly what the Bills plan to do with their new stadium in Orchard Park. Tottenham Hotspur is a huge inspiration for the new stadium the Bills plan to open in 2026.

Should be a fun Sunday morning for Bills fans.

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