‘Bills Mafia at Sea’.

This is going to be absolutely out of control. Imagine hundreds of Buffalo Bills fans, stuck on the boat for a few days, drinking a bunch of Blue Light, and singing the 'Shout Song' on repeat. Because that is exactly what is going to happen. The Bills Mafia is taking over a cruise next May in 2022. The Bills Mafia cruise will be on a Carnival ship and you can book your spot today. How many rooms are available? Between 1/3 and half of the rooms are reserved for Bills fans.

Bills Mafia Cruise

Carnival Sunrise

May 2-7, 2022

Now, this is kind of unofficial. When I say that I mean, this is put on by fans, not the actual cruise line itself. The Bills Mafia is just going to take over (what else is new?). One Buffalo Bills fan, Victoria Pascuzzi has organized a group to go on this Carnival Buffalo Bills Cruise and you can join!

To book you need to email sam@richtertravel.com OR victoria@richtertravel.com.

Where is the ship going to be sailing to?

You are going to start in Florida and go from Miami to Jamaica and then make a stop in the Cayman Islands. The Bills Mafia is going to the Cayman Islands (lol).

How much does it cost to go on the Buffalo Bills Mafia Cruise?

"The price for the cruise is $1,050 for one cabin, which fits two people. That includes all food, port fees, and a pre-paid gratuity. There’s an extra fee for an upgraded room, excursions off the boat, and an alcohol package", according to WIVB.

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