It’s no secret that Buffalo Bills fans are some of the craziest in the NFL. 

For better or worse, we’re famous for our wild tailgate antics, and the state of the parking lots at Highmark Stadium post game proves just how wild our parties can be. 

Keg stands, beer bongs, shotguns and Jell-O shots are all standard fare at a typical Bills Mafia tailgate, with several fans often not even making it inside the stadium because they partied too hard. 

But how much booze do Bills fans actually drink during the game? 

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

A website called British Gambler conducted surveys with NFL fans to analyze their gameday drinking habits. They asked 1,200 people (nearly 70% of them men) about how often they reach for an alcoholic beverage while watching their favorite team play, along with how much money they shell out on alcohol while watching the game. 

Honestly, we were kind of  surprised at the results for a couple of different reasons. 

Buffalo Bills Fans Drink The Most In The NFL

According to this UK betting offers site, Buffalo Bills fans drink the most alcohol out of all the NFL fanbases. They rank #1 out of all 32 teams, with an average of drinking 3.3 alcoholic beverages per game. The survey also says that Bills fans spend an average of $23.75 on alcohol per game, one of the highest in the NFL. 

Bills fan drinking out of bowling ball
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This seems weird. We always thought that Bills fans drank more during the tailgate, and not necessarily at the game. A lot of Bills fans don’t even drink during the game at all, out of fear of missing any of the action (and the crazy expensive prices inside the stadium). 

Then again, when you take into account how packed our local bars get on game days, along with house parties and get-togethers, it could be true. 

Another surprising tidbit that came to light?

Bills Mafia only ranked #2 for fans most likely to “pregame” beforehand, coming in second to Baltimore Ravens fans. Now that we find hard to believe. 

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You can check out the full results of the survey here

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