The Buffalo Bills righted the ship this past Sunday against the New York Jets -- a 45-17 blowout win, which improved Buffalo to 6-3.

The Bills are still a half game ahead of the New England Patriots for the AFC East division lead, but are also second place in the AFC right now, just behind the 7-2 Tennessee Titans.

The Bills are getting ready for a home game at Highmark Stadium this Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, which will be at 1 pm, but Bills fans are already looking forward to the Bills' week 12 matchup.

In case you aren't aware, the Bills will travel to New Orleans to play the Saints on Thanksgiving night next Thursday. Kickoff will be at 8:20 pm.

It marks the first game the Bills will play in New Orleans since 2013, and their first-ever night game on Thanksgiving, which was a timeslot first implemented by the NFL back in 2006.

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The Bills last played on Thanksgiving just two years ago, when they beat the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 26-15.

Bills Mafia travels very well, as evidence by the takeover of downtown Nashville last month, but this Thanksgiving game is even more special because of the holiday and it's in a city the Bills rarely travel to. In fact, New Orleans might be the road city Bills fans have the least number of memories for past Bills games.

The only vivid memory I have of the Bills at New Orleans was a game that wasn't even played in New Orleans; it was a road game in San Antonio in 2005, when kick returner Terrence McGee took a kickoff at the end of the first half all the way inside the 5-yard-line on a miraculous effort, that went for not.

That game was played in San Antonio due to Hurricane Katrina.

Bills Mafia was really hyped up for this game ever since the schedule was released this past spring. Bills fans on Bourbon Street, in one of the biggest party towns in America, AND on Thanksgiving? Talk about a dream road trip.

The only question is, just how many Bills fans will be inside the Caesars Superdome a week from tonight?

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