The Buffalo Bills will once again be a contender this season, but unlike 2022, they are not the general favorite to win the Super Bowl heading into the season.

The Bills have been great on the field since 2019 but there has been a lot happening off the field since 2021. That has to do with the new Bills stadium, which became reports of the Bills conducting research around Highmark Stadium and a potential new stadium, to the realization of a new Bills stadium being built this year in Orchard Park.

The 60,000 seat, open-air stadium will be directly across from Highmark Stadium's location. It's expected to be completed by the spring of 2026, which will be in time for the 2026 regular season.

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If you have driven down Abbott Road or Southwestern Boulevard in the last several weeks, then you have likely seen the fences and construction vehicles on the ground that will soon be the location for a huge, new stadium.

The official groundbreaking will be on Monday and the Bills will have everyone be a part of it.

The Bills announced on Friday afternoon that the groundbreaking of the new stadium will be shown live at 9 am on Monday. It will be streamed on the Bills' website, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Bills' EVP/COO Ron Raccuia said a while back with Matt Bove of WKBW, that there will be a lot of digging at the beginning but that the actual steel not go into the sky until late in the year, probably the start of winter.

By this time next year, it could start looking like a huge stadium.

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