The Buffalo Bills are back to their 2020 form, after a huge win on Sunday at Highmark Stadium against The Washington Football Team.

The Bills beat Washington, 43-21, in what was a return to form for the offense.

Allen threw for nearly 360 yards and four touchdowns, along with another rushing touchdown. It was probably the best game Allen's played on offense since the 2020 road game at the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football.

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After the game, Allen spoke with the Buffalo media, and broke the news that offensive coordinator Brian Daboll lost his grandmother this past week.

"She was the woman who raised him, He had a pretty tough week, and to go out there and play the way we did (with a win)," said Allen.

Allen said the roles were reversed. Last year, Allen lost his grandmother and he had a heartfelt hug with Daboll. This year, Daboll fell into Josh's arms.

The Bills offense was unstoppable most of the game and it was mostly due to the play of Allen, who was excellent on third downs: the Bills went 9 of 15 on third downs and were 5 of 6 to start the game.

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Beasley said after the game that the offense today was what they expect and want to do. Beasley added that even though they won 35-0 last week, the offense had drives stall out and that they were not satisfied.

The fact the Bills came out and played the way they did today, after Daboll lost his grandma, says a lot about the team's mental fortitude. The Bills played fantastic on offense last year against Seattle after Allen's grandma passed away as well.

This shows just how much of a family they are. Yes, that's said with nearly every team, but with this Bills team you can truly believe that listening to them speak and certainly how they have one another's back on the football field.

The Bills next play the Houston Texans at Highmark Stadium next Sunday at 1 pm.

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