One of the long-lasting debates out there in the food world is ranch vs. blue cheese.

Here in Buffalo, most people are definitely on team blue cheese; although I do know some friends who much prefer ranch dressing no matter what, even if this is Western New York.

One thing is for sure though. You cannot get ranch with your wings. There's no debate about that in Buffalo and good luck finding a place that already has ranch coming with your wing order. It's always blue cheese; even if you order wings BBQ or another specialty flavor.

The Buffalo Bills put out a video on social media this past week, asking players what's their favorite chicken wing order?

Midway through the video, Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie said ranch with his favorite order of wings, and tight end Dawson Knox took it upon himself to call him out and said, "you can't like ranch; ranch sucks. Blue cheese!"

I'll give McKenzie credit though because he wasn't scared to say ranch on that video and likely knew it would be posted for everyone to see.

Even more props though to Knox, who let McKenzie know what all of Buffalo was thinking. You have to have blue cheese with your wings.

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I also liked all the love given to the honey butter BBQ style, which is great. I'm a medium wing guy myself, but some really great BBQ styles out there in Western New York.

Also, Dawson Knox just became a favorite of Bills fans everywhere.

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