The Buffalo Bills veterans report to training camp next week, although rookies will report to camp today at One Bills Drive. It's hard to believe that another season of NFL Football is almost upon us, but there's more offseason news regarding one of the Bills' most important players.

If you remember, Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley went on separate Twitter rants in both May and June -- regarding the vaccine and whether or not players should get vaccinated. Beasley took issue with the rules agreed upon by the NFL and NFLPA and it sparked controversy on social media.

Fast forward to July 20th and Beasley once again is at the center of more talk regarding social media.

Beasley has tweeted multiple times over the past 48 hours, regarding his ongoing stance for getting vaccinated (or not getting vaccinated).

He took issue with what Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin said: that if you don't want to get vaccinated, you don't want to win bad enough.

Beasley went on to say the current "rules" are in place to force decisions onto players.

Beasley then spoke about Pfizer.

Then after backlash, Beasley had a tweet for those who were "tired" of hearing about it.

Earlier this month, Bills head coach Sean McDermott spoke about the comments Beasley has made earlier this offseason and McDermott said he spoke with Beasley about the comments he made.

It's unclear whether or not McDermott will address the situation further or if this will have any bearing at all regarding Beasley's roster status heading into and out of training camp.

Whether the Bills like it or not, one of their most important players has become the face of the vaccine controversy in the NFL.

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