The Buffalo Bills will be playing at a new home football stadium by the 2026 football season, and many of us fans are counting down the days until the construction is completed. 

It’s a big deal for the Buffalo Bills to get a new stadium. After all, Highmark Stadium has been around since 1973. Originally known as Rich Stadium and eventually called The Ralph, it is the fourth-oldest active stadium in the NFL, according to ESPN

The stadium is expected to cost $1.54 billion, with the Buffalo Bills and New York state agreeing to a plan that extends the current lease until construction of the new stadium is complete. Since they agreed to a 30 year lease, the Buffalo Bills will be staying in Orchard Park until at least 2055. 

However, that is a long time to wait for us to get a visual on the stadium, so it makes sense why someone would ask artificial intelligence to create a new stadium for the Bills.

Except for this stadium, they moved the structure to Niagara Falls. 

Take a look at this new stadium developed by artificial intelligence. 

It looks so cool, right?! My only question is…how do you get in the stadium? Do you have to take a boat?

That would make for an interesting tailgate. 

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