This was interesting to look at.

Take a look at the Buffalo Bills ticket prices 55 years ago.

Someone on the Buffalo Bills Mafia Facebook page posted the fridge magnet of the 1978 Bills schedule. It was interesting to see the prices and the times that NFL games were played. There is a 2:00 pm game on the schedule, which you don't see anymore.

Tickets were the following prices in 1978: 

  • End Zone -- $6
  • Corners + Club Level End Zone -- $8
  • Sidelines -- $9.50
  • Club Level Tickets -- $ 13.50

Here are what the ticket prices are now for this season:

The average price per season ticket including club and regular seats will be $113, including tax. The average general-admission seat will be $92 and average club-seat ticket $275", according to Sports Illustrated.

To put it into perspective, the minimum wage in 1978 was $2.65 in the United States.

EXTRA: Stefon Diggs proves that he is just one of us. He ran out of gas while driving around Western New York. It was one of those situations where he knew he should go get gas that night. But, then in the morning you wake up and run out of gas. He tweeted out that he was luckily across the street from a gas station. 

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