The Buffalo Bills have an off-day at One Bills Drive, which is well deserved. The team completed training camp on Thursday of last week, spent Friday adjusting to life back to Orchard Park last Friday and played their first preseason game on Saturday.

The Bills also had a light practice on Sunday, so Monday's day off came at the right time.

The Bills have high expectations entering the 2022 regular season and perhaps the driving reason behind that is the fact they have a very potent offense, led by Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

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Diggs didn't play in the team's first preseason game against the Colts, as did a majority of then starters.

Diggs took to social media on Sunday and Monday, which is always a fun time, since he usually says very interesting things for fans and media.

As it turns out, Diggs did something most of us have done at least once in our life...he ran out of gas.

Diggs says this is actually the second time he has run out of gasoline while driving, but he was right across the street from the gas station.

My favorite tweet from Diggs came right after though, as he said something we can all relate to. We ALWAYS lie to ourselves when we say "I'll just get gas for my car in the morning."

The worst mistake someone can make here is just deciding to hold off on putting gas in their vehicle until the morning -- it's never a good idea, and I'm 100 percent guilty of this.

I ran out of gas once in my life and I hated the experience so much, I vowed to never "risk" it and take the gas guage down to "E", again.

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