We all know what a mullet hairstyle is....think Billy Ray Cyrus, business in the front and party in the back. Now you can own a Mullet home.

Think business on the street front and party in the back yard. There is a "Mullet" home for sale right now in Charlotte, North Carolina and it amazing!

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According to Charlotte.axios.com, the home was built in 1945 and was completely renovated by Australian architect Maria Gigney to give it the "Mullet" look.

The front half of the home has a classic look that fits right in with the streetscape while the back half of the home features an ultra-modern two-story boxy addition with an open concept living room, kitchen, and more.

The house also offers a custom walk-in closet in the main bedroom and frameless shower and floating living edge vanities.

The home feature four bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and offer slightly over 2400 square feet of living space. The home also has ductless air conditioning and has a mix of wood and concrete flooring throughout the home.

As for the partying continuing in the backyard, the home offers an open layout backyard that is fenced in and a stamp concrete patio with privacy walls.

The home last sold for $590,000 dollars in 2019 and currently, the home is listed for $750,00. According to Zillow, the house is currently under contract.

Why do I have a feeling that this could be a major trend in the Southtowns!

Take a look at some photos of the "Mullet" home from Zillow.

Check Out This "Mullet" House

We all know what a Mullet haircut is...business in the front and party in the back. Just think Billy Ray Cyrus. Now you can have a "Mullet" house...business on the street front and party in the backyard.

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