The birds of spring are singing loudly these days and if you are an early riser, you are greeted with a song even before the sun comes up. If you don't love to be up at the crack of dawn, perhaps the sound of a bird whistling is the most annoying thing.

The good weather will be here soon and you may want to leave the windows open in your bedroom. Beware, the birds will be getting up just after 4 AM soon!

For those who love birds and look forward to watching and hearing them in the yard, there is some news that may have you singing the blues. The price of seed is going up and it may be time to stock up, if you can find the seed that you need.

According to a report from CBC:

At the Wild Bird Store in southeast Calgary, a 20-pound bag of medium sunflower chips birdseed will cost you about $50.
That cost has gone up 20 per cent since 2019, accord to store co-owner Kris Brown-Schoepp.

I happen to love watching the birds in our yard. We have a pair of cardinals that come up close to the back window and the kids love it! However, beside the price increase, I agree with the complaint below about the bags that the seed come in. They seem to have gotten more flimsy these days.

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