If you need to get rid of large items you no longer need or use, there are certain places and businesses in New York State that will take them. Just randomly dumping trash is against the law in New York State.

Have you ever heard of something called "midnight hauling"? Midnight hauling is when you load up the things you can't get rid of in regular trash or even in a bulk pickup and just toss them in the woods or along the side of the road late at night, under the cover of darkness. It is illegal and it comes with a fine in many places. Plus, it is just not responsible.

This story from Long Island may be a classic case of midnight hauling. A boat was discovered in the woods and the guy who allegedly dumped it is in custody.

A man is arrested for illegally dumping a boat in the woods of Manorville. Fuel leaks from the boat, if present, could have contaminated drinking water.

There are junkyards and other trash facilities that may have been a better choice for the final resting place for the boat.

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