Laws are a part of everyday society. If you have ever read the book (or the movie) Lord of the Flies, you probably know the lesson that without laws, there can be chaos.

There are laws everyone abides by, but there are also specific laws in each and every state -- sometimes in individual cities. Some of them have been on the books for quite some time.

It's pretty amazing that some laws are still laws. We're not talking about jaywalking, either.

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For example, in Raleigh, North Carolina, before a man can ask a woman's hand in marriage, he must "be inspected by all the barn animals on the property of the young woman's family. To ensure a harmonious farm life."

In Montana, "balls must not be thrown within the city limits." In Maine, you just not step out on a plane during a flight" -- yes, that is apparently on the books or was at one point...

Here in New York State, there are some crazy laws too. Ones that appear to have been on the books for a very long time that are truly strange. One of them is "a license must be purchased to hang clothes on a clothesline."

There are laws that are even more bizarre than that, here in the State of New York. Obviously, these are not followed by law enforcement but just the fact they were once thought of and written down is incredible.

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