Brad Paisley broke ground on a new grocery store in Nashville yesterday. But it’s not just any grocery store -- this will be a free grocery store for needy families in Tennessee.

Wearing a cowboy hat-shaped construction hat, Brad and his wife announced their plans for the store, which will be completely free -- even down to the mechanical horse for kids outside the store. When families shop there, they’ll go through a check out line, but won’t have to pay. Brad says this “takes away the sting of embarrassment for a parent who maybe feels that way because they can’t feed their kid. The kids should not know what their parent is going through,” Paisley said. “That’s not stress a child needs.”

The Dolly Car will make its debut at Bristol this weekend. NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick has done up his #2 Camaro Dolly Parton-style. It’s pink and white, and features Dolly’s face on the hood. The headlights are too small though.

You can watch the car in action at Saturday’s Alsco 300.

In an interview in People, Reba McEntire said she and boyfriend Skeeter Lasuzzo are "...totally in love . . . absolutely. I wouldn't put up with somebody for two years if I wasn't in love with 'em." Reba will host the ACMs this Sunday in Las Vegas.

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