When I played football in high school, I had a routine that I followed every Friday night.  I had to eat the same dinner.  My ankles had to be taped by the same person.  My eye black was put on left eye first then right eye second.  You could say I was a little superstitious.

I guess that ridiculous behavior has followed me into adulthood.  Only now, my superstitions show their ugly heads on Sundays.  I don’t play anymore but I still like to religiously watch the Bills as if I did.  If they lose one week, I try to remember what I did that week and I don’t repeat it again the next week.

The Bills won last week against Kansas City.  Let’s see, last week I went to church and then over to my brother’s house and I wasn’t wearing my jersey because I came right from church to his house.   So this week, I went to church and I consciously didn’t wear my jersey.  And I got to see my brother during the first quarter (when the Bills scored 14 of their 24 points).

So today I got to celebrate the win by wearing my jersey on Monday instead of Sunday.  Oh wait…I didn’t do that last week.  Uh oh….

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