I've been told my entire life that I should be in plays and musicals.  I never have.  But this year, I'm giving it a shot.  And the play is showing twice this weekend.

I always had sports in high school, so I never had time to take part in the plays and musicals.  But because my son is so involved in them, I've been dropping him off to practice and was asked if I wanted to do it with him this time.  So this time...I am.

It's called "The Three Norns Bakery" and it's a script that was actually written and directed by my church's pastor Tom Lutz.

It's a story that involves three mysterious women who bake pastries that are somehow magical, a self righteous pastor who feels the need to scare the world into following God, a very hungry kid, a very annoying little kid, and some kids that debate between scientific truths and magic.  Oh...and did I mention a murder?

Yup...the whole play revolves around a murder that happens which means there are investigators and this is where my part comes in.  Along with my partner Detective Cheevers, my character Detective Michaels tries to get to the truth of it all.

It's a pretty cool story that is partially live and partially recorded.

There are two shows this weekend.  The first is this Friday at 7pm at Immanuel Lutheran church in Gowanda, NY.  The next is Saturday night at 6pm at St. Paul's Lutheran church in Eden.

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Brett Alan (Photo by Liz Mantel)

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