Caring for pets is an important job.  It's something that I don't take lightly.  As you know, we got a new puppy last year and training him has proven to be a chore.  Will our new method work?

The issue with Frankie is that he is so fast.  We got him when he was already almost a year old.  So he was pretty well grown by the time we had him.  As far as discipline goes, once he's out of your arm's reach, there's not much you can do.

I was talking to one of our friends at church and he said he had the same problem with his dog.  Then someone suggested this collar to him.

I really didn't want to hurt my dog, but I want him to feel free to run our property without the worry that he's going to go into my neighbor's yards or run into the street.  So I payed attention to what my friend was saying.  The collar has a "beep" function on it.  The goal is to first tell the dog to come back to you.  If he doesn't listen, you hit the "beep" function to warn the dog that he's misbehaving.  If he still will not listen, there's a "shock" function.  The idea is that after following that chain of events, the dog knows if he pushes it too far, he will get a small shock.  So you hope that he will follow instructions the first time.  This is where I get involved.

I just didn't feel right shocking my dog if I had no idea how it felt.  What if it REALLY hurts?  I didn't want to be doing that to my dog, unless I did it to myself first.  And I thought, what better way to showcase this than to let you in on the fun.

So here we go...

Final conclusion?

This isn't a hurtful thing at all.  It certainly will bring you back to attention, but it actually just kind of tickled.  If it keeps my dog out of my neighbor's yards and out of the street, it's worth it.

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