I use my phone for just about everything.  Well, everything except talking.  I hate talking on the phone.  But I use it for everything else.  So what are my top 10 apps?  I'm glad you asked...


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    WYRK Buffalo App

    This one is brand new.  And you can do so much on it from listening live, to checking out cool posts just like this one, and getting weather updates and more.  It's incredible.  If  you don't have this on your phone, you need to get it...like now.

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    I still use this one a lot to talk with listeners, and just see what's up with their lives.  I like it because it's quick.  There are no long drawn out posts.  It's instant.  And it's very easy to use.  Follow me at WYRKBrett!

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    Obviously, Twitter is a giant.  Again, a good way to keep in contact with my listeners, and with what's happening in the world.

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    While I'm starting to dislike this one, it's still a good way to keep in contact with people.  I just think it's important to only stay in contact with the right people.

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    Yes.  I use this app.  I love it.  There are all kinds of great ideas on this app, from things to build, to drinks to try.  I used to think this was a much more female centered app.  I was wrong.  Guys, give it a chance.

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    I know it seems strange to put this one on a list.  It seems like a no-brainer.  But I see so many people using google through their browser.  It's soooo much easier to search things on google if you have the app itself.  And then you can be the smartest person in your group when the tough questions come up at a party (as long as  you have your phone).

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    Unfortunately, this is one that you need some extra hardware to use.  But, if you have a fitbit, it's pretty fun to compete with people and see just how far you've walked or run that day.

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    Yup...it's called Ballz.  And it's incredibly addictive.  You'll sit down to start playing this and find the time fly by.  It's great for getting your mind off of everything else in the world.  It's very easy to use.  It's very hard to put down.

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    I'm normally pretty good with song recognition.  I know quite a bit of music.  But there is always new stuff out there, and old stuff that I've never heard.  With SoundHound I can get the name and artist of a song that's on the radio or jukebox no matter where I am.  And with some songs, if I want to sing along, the lyrics even come up!  Plus, it keeps a record of the songs that you've searched.

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    Charity Miles

    I still like this one.  It's a fitness tracker, that doubles as a charity app.  Essentially, the app depends on huge companies that offer donations to charities on the app, in exchange for your physical activities.  So lets say I want my donation to go to St. Jude.  I choose St. Jude as the beneficiary and I begin to walk.  As I walk, that big company makes a donation on my behalf depending on how far I've gone.  I get exercise, my favorite charity gets money.  That's a true win-win!

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