Best Man-App Ever
Not too sure why they call it 'BroApp' since it has nothing to do with your 'bro' friends or your actual brother. Maybe it's helping you out like a 'bro' would.
Anyway, this new app that is coming out may be onto something, and I have a feeling guys will have a much…
Is Your Smartphone Stressing You Out?
It's amazing what phones can do now.  They've gone from simple things that could only make calls to things that have games, cameras, internet and can now nearly run our entire lives.  I just got a smartphone for Christmas and I love it.  But recent research from Health Day N…
I Can Relate To Johnny Depp!
I saw this article as we were going through the show prep today.  I can totally relate to Depp on this one.  I have said many times that phones (cell phones in particular) are as much a curse as a blessing.