It's amazing how many times we rely on our phones these days.  There's one company that is betting you couldn't live without it.

We use our phones for everything.  When we need directions, or to know what the weather is going to be so that we can plan what to wear, we look to our phones.  We use them when we need to know the answer to how many presidents had pets or the lyrics to our favorite songs.  Our work schedules, our personal's all on there.  Oh...and we use them to keep in contact with people too!  But what would someone have to pay you to give all that up for a week?

There's at least one company that's betting they can get someone to do it for $1000.

They're called Frontier Communications and they're even going to offer to let you use a flip phone to keep in touch.

They're looking for someone who's active on social media and is willing to vlog their week.

Is this you?  Apply here on their website to get started!