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Not too sure why they call it 'BroApp' since it has nothing to do with your 'bro' friends or your actual brother. Maybe it's helping you out like a 'bro' would.

Anyway, this new app that is coming out may be onto something, and I have a feeling guys will have a much different view about this than the girls.

What do you think?

You enter your girlfriend/wife's name and phone number, and from there, the app will send text messages to your girl from your phone. These "smart" and "lovey-dovey" messages will make you look good when you're busy (or just plain old forget).

The app will even detect though when your phones are close together, which would mean that you guys are together, and won't text her. It also will realize that you and your girl are texting, so it won't send a sappy text to her in the middle of a normal convo and blow your cover.

Right now, it's available for Android (which, is what I have -- hahaha, how convenient) (not saying I actually have the app *cough*) and soon for iPhones.

Girls, would you hate this app?

Heck, girls, would YOU use this app?