The Broadway Market is a tradition in Buffalo, especially around Easter. The weeks leading up to the holidays are filled with busy vendors and enthusiastic shoppers preparing for the big day. What makes the Broadway Market so special? Is it just the time of year, the amazing things you can get there, the tradition, the people? I think it's a combination of everything! I love these types of market, it completely changes the shopping experience. It makes it more personal and you actually learn things while you shop too! That's what Dale and I set off to do when we were at the Broadway Market, we wanted to get a little more back story on the places that people are told they "must go to". While Dale  and I didn't make it to this next place with a camera we made sure they joined us on air! So what are the Broadway Market Musts?

You can't miss Chrusciki's if you visit The Broadway Market! They are everywhere and even have a bake within the market. Everything they have is delicious and every time we're there they should up with treats. The family tradition with the family is awesome and you can see how everyone has a part and their proud to play it! In fact, this year they are celebrating their 30th Anniversary! That makes this year at the market even more special! Whether your picking up a bag full of Chrusckikies or some of their delicious carrot cake you know whatever you buy it's going to be good! This is just the obvious MUST when you go to the market!


The Broadway Market Easter Hours
April 10-12  --  8:00am - 6:00pm
April 13-14  --  6:00am - 7:00pm
April 15       --  6:00am - 5:00pm
Dyngus Day -  Opens 8:00am - Click Here For Events Schedule 

The Broadway Market
999 Broadway
Buffalo, NY 14212

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