If you’ve been following along with the NFL over the past few days or weeks, then you probably know about the Deshaun Watson situation.

Watson has been the starting quarterback of the Houston Texans since 2017, but missed all of 2021 after requesting a trade and not wanting to be with the Texans anymore. That saga turned much more serious, as Watson is facing 22 civil lawsuits stemming from sexual misconduct and assault from women.

Earlier this week, a grand jury declined to charge Watson with criminal charges, but the civil suits are still ongoing.

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Watson grew interests from multiple teams once he wasn’t going to face criminal charges, which did not sit well with many NFL fans. That did not stop the Cleveland Browns, who surprised everyone by being the team that Watson picked to be traded to — a luxury Watson had based on a no-trade clause.

Watson ended up getting $230 million in a five year contract, all of it guaranteed, which makes it the most guaranteed money contract in NFL history. What’s even more stunning is the Browns designed the contract to help Watson still keep much of his money, if he’s suspended for any part of the 2022 season for his lawsuits.


Many Browns fans were not happy with the trade and contract. Yes, a top-tier quarterback, but the allegations are disturbing and the grand jury’s decision to decline criminal chargers does not mean he’s off the hook for legal ramifications or NFL suspension.

In a show of distaste for what their franchise did, Browns fans said they were jumping ship to be part of Bills Mafia, considering the two teams are only separated by less than three hours.

There’s even a form to sign up for.

Bills fans are more than happy to accommodate more.

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