They're already canceling schools in Western New York because the temperatures and wind chills are going to be extraordinary low.

We'll see up to -20 wind chills on Friday, so kids won't be able to walk to school or wait for the bus stop, but what else should you know about the cold? What should you double check not to leave in your car?

Some of this seems obvious, but it is certainly a good reminder.

  • 1

    You Phone

    When it's this cold out the cold can kill your battery. Cell phones, laptops and anything else with a battery make sure you bring them inside right away.

  • 2


    Even beer has a chance of exploding in there. A can of beer at 5% alcohol will still pop  at about 25-27 degrees.

  • 3


    Don't leave medication in the cold, too! Medicine like insulin can't freeze or it won't work!

  • 4

    Low Gas Tank

    Rule of thumb is that when the temperatures are this cold, you should always have at least a half tank of gas at all times. Also, double check your tire pressure often, it can fluctuate with the change in weather.

  • 5

    Canned Foods

    I didn't know why about canned foods exactly so, I had to look it up: "Letting a can of beans freeze allows for the water to freeze and expand in a similar way to beer and soda. The USDA advises that this can result in a broken seal, causing spoilage. If canned food freezes, allow it to thaw in a refrigerator. "If the product doesn't look and/or smell normal, throw it out. DO NOT TASTE IT!", according to USA Today.

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