Since outdoors is the least-risky place to be in the age of COVID-19, outdoor dining has grown considerably this summer.

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But what happens when it gets cold?

Buffalo has made it at least one step easier for restaurant owners to keep serving outdoors as long as they can. WIVB reports the heaters can be used on sidewalks, parking lots, and patios -- as long as the areas are not closed in.

"Leaders say this is part of the city’s commitment to help small businesses through the COVID-19 crisis."

Previously, propane fueled outdoor heaters were not permitted, but other types were.

Some area restaurants, like Tappo, offer reservations in their globes and "greenhouses" for rooftop dining.

Colder weather will provide the restaurant industry with even more challenges, as many have struggled to reinvent their services since the pandemic began in March. This move is meant to remove some of the pre-COVID regulations that put certain limitations on outdoor dining.

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