Well, this one is pretty gross to imagine.  Bed bugs are beginning to surge in some cities, and Buffalo is one of them.

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What are bed bugs?

WebMD describes bed bugs as small, oval, brown insects that feed on the blood of animals and humans.  They're tiny.  They normally only grow to around 3/16 of an inch and are often found under sheets in beds.  They live in groups and can move very quickly which makes them difficult to deal with.  They can also reproduce very quickly too.

How do bed bugs get in your home?

If you live in an apartment, they can just move from one unit to another.  Their size will allow them to fit through cracks or under door ways easily.  They could also relocate by traveling with you through luggage or clothing after taking a trip or staying at a hotel where they lived.

How big of a problem are bed bugs in Buffalo?

Orkin is a pest control company.  They deal with bed bugs daily.  Recently, they put together a list of the cities with the most bed bug infestations in the country based on the number that they treat. Of all the cities on the list, Buffalo made the top 30.  They came in at #29.

The good news is that last year Buffalo was at #28 so we've actually gone down a bit but #29 in the country still isn't a good place to be.

How can you avoid bed bugs?

Nobody wants them in their house, but how do we avoid it?  There are things you can do to keep them out.

Their list includes:

1. Look for them regularly.  The faster you find them, the easier they will be to deal with.  The idea is to catch them when there are just a few instead of having to eliminate them when there is a huge infestation.

2. Decrease clutter in your home.  The fewer things they have to hide behind, the easier it is to see them.

3.  Examine secondhand furniture before you bring it into your home.  Buying something off craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a thrift shop?  Check it before you bring it in to make sure there isn't an extra little bug traveler on there.


They also suggest you remember the acronym SLEEP for when you travel:

During travel, remember the acronym S.L.E.E.P. to inspect for bed bugs:

  • Survey the hotel room for signs of an infestation. Be on the lookout for tiny, ink-colored stains on mattress seams, in soft furniture and behind headboards.

  • Lift and look in bed bug hiding spots: the mattress, box spring and other furniture, as well as behind baseboards, pictures and even torn wallpaper.

  • Elevate luggage away from the bed and wall. The safest places are in the bathroom or on counters.

  • Examine your luggage carefully while repacking and once you return home from a trip. Always store luggage away from the bed.

  • Place all dryer-safe clothing from your luggage in the dryer for at least 30-45 minutes at the highest setting after you return home.

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