The Buffalo Bills won't take the field again, until the 2022 preseason gets underway this August. It was a disappointing end to the 2021 postseason, after the Bills lost 42-36 in overtime against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional round.

The loss was up there for most heartbreaking moment in Buffalo sports history, as quarterback Josh Allen led two amazing drives at the end of the 4th quarter, only to see the lead evaporate twice, and eventually, losing in overtime.

There's no doubt the Bills' past two seasons have left a big mark on the NFL landscape. No longer are the Bills a team that gets mostly 1 pm games and the backend of any talk show, they're now front and center with one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the league (Josh Allen).

In 2021, the Bills played four primetime games, and even two 4:25 pm windows, towards the end of the season.

The Bills are guaranteed to get at least four in 2022, and likely five or six when all is said and done.

The NFL schedule usually doesn't come out until some time in May, but because we love forecasting the potential future, here is a very early prediction at the 2022 schedule for Buffalo.

Reminder: Bills play nine road games and eight home games in 2022.

Predicting The Buffalo Bills 2022 Schedule

Here's a very early guess on what the 2022 Buffalo Bills schedule will look like.

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