The Buffalo Bills have seen some incredible talent.  This graphic shows just how many more touchdowns are scored in modern day football than ever before.

When you think of the Buffalo Bills, who do you think of the most?

Is it the linemen who are protecting the quarterback and blocking for the running backs?  Is it the defensive players who are making plays and sacking quarterbacks?

Or is it the people who find their way into the endzone the most?  Normally...that's who most people think of.

Greg Harvey starts his all-time graphic series

Greg Harvey is a stats guy who works for a company called Stats Perform.  They focus on all sports but in this case, it's the all-time touchdown leaders for all 32 teams in the NFL.

It's a series of pretty simple graphics that shows you who the touchdown leaders were year-by-year.  For the Bills, it starts in 1960 (when they were still members of the American Football League) and goes through 2022.

Who do you think the current all-time touchdown leader is for the Buffalo Bills?

There are a lot of names on this list.  Unless you're a die-hard fan, you probably won't recognize a whole lot of names.  In 1963, you might recognize the name Cookie Gilchrist shooting up the chart.  The name Jack Kemp shows up shortly after that.  Then in 1970, you see OJ Simpson come from nowhere and jump up to 13 touchdowns.  By 1976, he had finished with 70.

In the 90s though, you see two names go back and forth as the touchdown leaders.  Andre Reed and Thurman Thomas were touchdown factories.

Then in 2018 you suddenly see a new name appear.  Josh Allen is currently sitting tied at 6th on the all-time touchdown leader board with a guy named Elbert Dubenion (who, by the way, has been there since the day the chart started).

How many people will he be able to pass?  Will Josh Allen be able to shoot to the top of that list?

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