A couple of things that Buffalo loves are charities, food, and The Buffalo Bills.  Put those two things together and people here will just throw cash at it.

That's what makes this idea a no-brainer!

How many people would go nuts over a cookbook that is filled with some of their favorite players' favorite recipes?  The answer:  tons of them.

The inspiration comes from a cookbook that was released in the 90's.  On the cover were Buffalo Bills greats Shane Conlan, Jim Kelly, Cornelius Bennett, and Steve Tasker.  They sold for just $10 and the proceeds helped out Children's Hospital.  How many of you had that book?  It felt like everyone had their own copy back in the day.

Someone saw the picture on Facebook and suggested that the Bills should re-do the classic hit.

There are so many questions after looking at that cover.  Like, was it a requirement to wear the white dad shoes?  Why is Steve Tasker wearing pants to a cookout?  And of course, why in the world are they grilling a football?

It wasn't soon after that tweet was sent that Buffalo Bills long snapper responded that there is already one in the works and that the proceeds would once again go to charity. And also that they would once again be wearing the dad shoes for the cover.

Ferguson is one of the first to coin the term "Grills Mafia" where Buffalo Bills fans would share their grilling tips and recipes.

This would be huge for Bills fans everywhere.  Back then, no one could order these things online.  Now, they could grill like their favorite player from Buffalo anywhere they live across the country.  They would be incredible gifts and how cool would it be to try a new recipe every week for the regular season (and then into the playoffs)?

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