The Buffalo Bills, you could easily argue, should be 3-0 right now.

The Bills obliterated the Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans in the first two weeks of the season, before falling to the Miami Dolphins 21-19.

The Bills faced an array of injuries to key players heading into the game, with more players leaving during the game due to the heat or with injuries, but Buffalo still had chances to win.

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They outgained Miami by 280 yards and had the ball the majority of the game, but failed to capitalize on scoring chances in the red zone.

We always hear from Bills fans how the NFL is out to "get Buffalo." Most of the time it's usually ridiculous and just something sports fans say, but sometimes you get stats that make you wonder what is up with Buffalo getting the short-hand of the stick.

According to Hansel on Twitter, 110 coverage penalties have been called in the NFL this season (defensive holding, pass interference) and just one of those penalties have been called in the Bills favor...through three weeks.

The Bills have also thrown the third most passes in the NFL through the first three weeks, so it's incredibly difficult to believe that only one penalty was worthy enough to be called in the Bills favor.

I have a feeling, judging by the Baltimore Ravens young secondary and aggressive players like Marcus Peters, the Bills will get a handful of coverage penalties called in their favor this Sunday for their week 4 game.

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