The Buffalo Bills lost their 2021 regular-season opener on Sunday, 23-16 to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Highmark Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

The game is not what fans expected in what was probably the most anticipated home opener in the last 30 years. The Bills were sloppy on offense, had costly penalties (especially the holding calls on the offensive line), and the defense couldn't get off the field in the second half when the Steelers were driving with the ball.

One of the major turning points in the game came less than three minutes into the 4th quarter.

The Bills had a 4th down and 1 at the Pittsburgh Steelers 41-yard-line and they decided to go for it.

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll's play call for the 4th down was interesting, to say the least. Josh Allen pretended to sneak the ball, then threw the ball back to running back Matt Breida and the Steelers tackled him for a four-yard loss and the Bills turned the ball over.

Here's the play.

It came at a crucial point of the game. The Bills were up 10-6 but then the Steelers would score with a Diontae Johnson touchdown pass on the next drive.

Fans were not happy about the "strange" play call on 4th down and it was not just evident on Twitter, but also in the stadium.

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However, this is not the first time the Bills have called this play. It wasn't this coaching staff, though.

The Bills called this play back in 2004 when the Bills played at the Seattle Seahawks. The Bills dominated that game and were on a winning streak to end that season.

Then-quarterback Drew Bledsoe ran the exact same play with then-running back Willis McGahee. That time, it worked out far better; resulting in a 30-yard touchdown run.

The Steelers snuffed the play out, but I do admire the creativity and willingness to run it and not do the usual sneak or playaction short pass that most teams would have run there. It just didn't work.

Fans are still upset about the play call and head coach Sean McDermott took responsibility for the call after the game.

"The one we threw it (the ball) backward?" said McDermott? "Yeah, I got to do a better job there."


The Bills next play the Miami Dolphins in Miami at Hard Rock Stadium next Sunday at 1 pm.

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