The Buffalo Bills were not the only team to have a big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

The Bills social media also won big by trolling the Pittsburgh Steelers fanbase with a post using the very nice and famous kid show superstar Mr. Fred Rogers.

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Yep..the very nice and kid-friendly Mr. Rogers was used perfectly in this Tweet about the Bills winning big over the Steelers. Get ready to laugh.

  The Bills social media has been on fire all season long. Check some of their biggest hits.  

Here is hoping the Bills social media team has another fire week as the Bills hit the road again to take on their biggest AFC rival the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills head into the game atop of the AFC East and in the lead spot for the #1 seed for the AFC playoffs. If the Bills win on Sunday, it would give them a huge advantage for the team heading into their bye week.

We look forward to seeing the Bills win and can't wait to see what the Bills' social media team has in store for the week as well.

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