I always love when I see current professional athletes starting their own podcasts or any kind of media brand. I'm in radio and I love when others (in other professions) love it enough to jump into something like a podcast.

The Buffalo Bills don't run the ball as much as they pass, but running back Zack Moss plays a big role with the Bills; especially near the goal line and in pass protection.

Moss is now in his second year in Buffalo and has started his own podcast!

The podcast is called The Moss Mode Show and features host Zack Moss with guests he has on with him, talking Bills, football, and other things that may not necessarily include football. The podcast channel started back in May of 2021.

Moss' first guest on the podcast was Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen and it was an awesome insight into Allen's journey growing up, along with Moss' journey himself.

It's a great dynamic because you have a host who can directly relate to the guests he has on his show, and the conversation with Allen was a blast to listen to.

Allen talked about video games, golf, gymnastics, and what his pregame rituals are. Allen actually throws up before every game; much like Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly did before every game, back when he started for the Bills.

I can't wait to see who Moss has on his show in the future and where the podcast takes him. Moss may already have his second career once his playing days are over -- hopefully, not for a long time.

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