The Buffalo Bills are firing on all cylinders these days. The team has been to the playoffs four of the past five seasons; and that includes the last three seasons.

The team is only an underdog in two of their 17 games in 2022, which are both just one-point underdogs. There's a chance the Bills will be favored in every game this season once we get close to the actual games.

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The Bills are great on the field, but they're also amazing off the field. The players are a blast to see behind the scenes and the Bills social media team is outstanding.

Over recent years, it's become a trend to have the funniest and most creative social media team if you're a pro sports franchise. Both the Columbus Blue Jackets and Las Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL were trailblazers in that regard, and the NFL fully embraced that kind of content.

The Bills social media team is excellent. They did a great job leading up and following the 2022 schedule reveal, and that content included Friday morning.

I noticed the Bills tweeted at the Atlanta Falcons, who used a chicken wing bit to mock their 2022 opponents (many teams do that tradition), but the Bills had to reply since, well, it had to do with wings.

But this is when I noticed they changed their Twitter name to "Primetime Bills."

The Bills are playing five primetime games in 2022 and that could grow to seven primetime games with their two flex games. This also doesn't include the 12:30 pm nationally televised game on Thanksgiving against the Detroit Lions.

That's primetime Bills.

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