If you have just decided to do something for Valentine's Day, on Valentine's Day (today), chances are it's too late.

But, if you still want to send a Buffalo Bills fan a card for the holiday, then the team has you covered with some pretty hilarious versions.

The Bills decided to create some pretty cool cards in celebration of Valentine's Day, and they didn't just have Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs, but many other places on the roster, wishing that special someone a very happy Valentine's Day.

You just had to know the Bills were going to use this specific photo for Josh Allen.

Here are the ones for Matt Milano, Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde.

They actually found a photo of Sean McDermott smiling.

Finally, a tip of the hat to Mitch Trubisky winning the "NVP Award" after the 2020 Wild Card game, when he played for the Chicago Bears. The "NVP" means "Nickelodeon Valuable Player, when the game simulcasted on Nickelodeon.

I love Ed Oliver riding a horse, which he loves to do, and has been seen doing here in Western New York.

It really seems the Bills social media team has stepped their game up in the past two or three seasons. I'm sure the team playing better has something to do with that, but I've always said teams should have fun with their social media accounts.

The Bills are getting close to Vegas Golden Knights and Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter accounts territory...

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