This would be the first kind of law in the United States.

If you own a cat and you are against declawing, you may be in luck because very soon there may be a big fine you have to pay when this becomes illegal. If you get your cat the surgery to declaw, it will cost you a $1000 fine of course, it is medically necessary. On Tuesday, Albany heard many supporters of the bill.

Many officials say that is the declawing ban does go into effect it may lead to higher euthanized cats in the area. According to WGRZ:

An estimated 72 percent of cats that are brought to a shelter are euthanized [says Linda Rosenthal, D-Manhattan].However, in Los Angeles where a declawing ban is in effect, there was a reported 43 percent reduction in the number of owner-surrendered cats the year after the ban was put in place, according to Rosenthal’s office. This is now the third year that Rosenthal has pushed for the bill.


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