Although it failed to reach its goal only twice in its 93 year history, it continues to be known as the Drive That Never Fails and this year's Buffalo Catholic Charities Appeal finished just barely over its target.  Campaign officials have announced the 2017 drive brought in $11,069,168, just a little less than last year's total. 

The Catholic Charities Appeal depends on money raised from local parishes, corporate and private donations to fund the 70 programs and services available to Catholics and non-Catholics in the Buffalo diocese.

Sister Mary McCarrick, Catholic Charities diocesan director thanked the many donors who contributed a second time and to those who donated for the first time in order to reach this year's goal.

St. Peter Parish in Lewiston drew special praise for exceeding its goal by more than $58,000.00, more than 25 percent.

With recent Catholic Charities program cuts, there was concern that the appeal would fall short, but donations increased over the final days.

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