I love looking at different photos of common sights here in Buffalo. It's really a beautiful city with stunning architecture and this is another classic example.

Step Out Buffalo recently shared a great photo of the top of City Hall in downtown Buffalo. It shows it lit up in the night sky with the full moon just behind it.

It really does look like something straight out of Batman or even that old cartoon show I used to watch called Gargoyles.

Check out the photo, courtesy of Step Out Buffalo.

This seriously might be my favorite photo I've seen in the last calendar year. That full moon is gigantic!

I've told this story many times but I used to drive back with my dad from Gowanda where my sister lived from 2002-2006 and took Jennings Road and the 219. On a clear night you can see the entire skyline of downtown Buffalo and I wish I had a great photo of it, which is why I love looking at photos such as these.

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Kudos to @kschillphoto who took the photo. Does anyone else have a great photo of the City of Buffalo?

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