We all hate but it is also very much needed. After a winter that just won't end pot holes and projects are just waiting to be filled and completed. However, with that there are going to be some headaches for you commute. the good news is that a lot of the projects are set for off commute times but that doesn't mean it won't slow you down.

The big project everyone is talking about right now is Route 5/Skyway. Monday the DOT started work on the bridge that is estimated to be completed June of 2020. Lane restrictions  for the first phase will take place every weekday from 9am-5pm on the inbound side for the next four months.

WYRK will keep you up-to-date during your commute to and from work and hopefully get you home sooner rather that later. However, you can always check on going construction projects through NITTEC. Some are updated daily and you will be completed in two or three days, while some have a much longer period before completion. You can see what will daily be happening on the roads.

As you can see a lot of the construction happens overnight avoiding the high traffic hours but sometimes daylight is needed for the project. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for traffic updates everyday.



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