Western New Yorkers are exhausted. With snow totals near or above seven feet in some areas, it feels like we’ve been digging out of our homes and driveways for days. We’re sore, tired, and grumpy - so we understand prioritizing which areas to get rid of snow from first. 

But please - for the love of all that is holy - don’t skimp out on brushing the snow off of your car before you hit the road. 

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Several vehicles have been spotted all over the Buffalo area driving with snow piled on top of their roofs - and we’re not talking about just a little dusting here. We’re seeing vehicles cruising around our roadways with sometimes close to a foot of snow (or more!) sitting on top.

As amusing as it can be seeing someone going down the road with a glacier on their roof, driving with snow or ice piled on top of your vehicle is incredibly dangerous for your fellow travelers. As temperatures begin to warm up and the pile begins to loosen up, it could drop off onto your vehicle, other cars, or in the roadway - causing massive amounts of damage. 

And when it comes to the visibility of the person behind you? Forget it. Is leaving out brushing the snow off of your roof worth a rear-end collision because the driver behind you can’t see you because of the snow drifting in their face?

Now, can you technically get arrested if you don’t clear the snow off of your vehicle? The answer is no - but you can get yourself a pretty hefty fine of at least $150 and up to $850.

Listen, we understand. This past weekend has sucked the life out of so many of us, and at times we can feel like surrendering to the snow. But remember that we are the City of Good Neighbors for a reason, so think of your fellow Buffalo drivers before you take your car back out on the roads - and take a few minutes to clear off the snow for the sake of everyone around you.

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