Hurricane-force winds are continuing to wreak havoc across Western New York. 

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As Buffalo residents remain hunkered down in their homes, strong winds outsides are causing massive damage in the area. Wind gusts in Lakawanna were reported to reach a whopping 79 miles per hour on Friday, and structures in the area are paying the price. 

The City of Lakawanna Police Department posted a picture on its Facebook page that showcases the destruction. An Exxon/ Mobil gas station on South Park Avenue (across from the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens) is seen with its overhang toppled to the ground thanks to the storm’s extremely powerful wind gusts. Thankfully, it looks like no vehicles or people were hurt in the incident, but the damage remains unclear. 


In case you haven’t noticed from looking out your windows (from inside your home, that is) there is zero visibility. Cars are abandoned all over our city, especially on Rt. 5. 
With that being said…STAY OFF THE ROADS.”


Please listen to the advice given and stay home and safe until the storm passes.

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