Come on, guys…how do you not know where Buffalo, New York, is located? 

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The massive winter storm hitting the Buffalo area has been a headline on several major news outlets across the country. Western New York hasn’t seen this much snow in such a short amount of time in many years. Between the staggering amount of snow projected and the relocation of the Buffalo Bills game to Ford Field in Detriot, naturally, major news outlets consider this storm a major story to feature on their broadcasts.

No disrespect to the hardworking people over at NBC news. Their national news crew works around the clock to update us common folk about the ongoing political climate, health scares, world wars, and the price of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. And honestly, we are extremely grateful for the info.

But occasionally, because of the speed at which news breaks and the amount they have to cover, silly mistakes can slip through from time to time. That’s exactly what happened during Thursday night’s broadcast of NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

When reporting about the state of the emergency and the impact the storm will have on Western New York, a graphic was shown to display where the storm will hit. And, well, something about it was a little (okay, a lot) off.

Perhaps NBC producers were in a bit of a hurry? Because the map they displayed of where Buffalo is in New York state was way off, placing Buffalo up closer to Watertown. 

In rebroadcasts and videos of the newscast, the graphic seems to have been fixed, putting Buffalo back where it belongs in Western New York. But thankfully, thanks to this quick-thinking Redditor, we’ll always have an image of the screwup to laugh at.

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