Well, at least he has priorities.

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The age-old tradition of buying bread, eggs, and milk before a major winter storm is so overrated. 

Several feet of snow could drop over Western New York in the coming hours and days. Naturally, anxious Buffalo residents spent the past few days picking up food and other supplies at area stores just in case they are snowed in for the foreseeable future.

When WGRZ TV reporter Danielle Church dropped by a local Buffalo-area Wegmans to see how shoppers were preparing for the onslaught of snow, she met a man who clearly had different needs than other shoppers.

Ernest Clayton was spotted on his way out the door with a cart full of supplies for the storm. Not the typical items on the list like food or snow gear, though.

Ernest’s cart was stacked top to bottom with beer. Just. Beer.

You never know who’s gonna come over,” Clayton told the obviously amused reporter. “We’re about to be snowed in, and I wanna be ready for the football game.”

When asked why his cart didn’t contain pre-storm standards like bread and milk, he had an incredibly thoughtful response.

Yeast is in this!” he said, pointing to the cases of Michelob Ultra piled high. “So, I’m gonna get full.

Bravo, Ernest. You’ll have more fun than most of us these next few snowy days!

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