The airline industry has been hit with multiple cancelations and delays over the last couple days.  Is your flight going to take off as planned?

If you've traveled over the past couple weeks, you know that there have been problems with getting off the ground.  Flights are getting delayed, then canceled faster than they can fill them.

As you would expect with a weather system like this, flights are delayed and canceled coming in and going out.  As I write this, I'm looking at 15 flights that were supposed to be arriving in Buffalo today that have canceled and I'm sure there are more coming.

We just came back from a vacation and had no problems with our flights out, but had problems with three flights on the way back.  In the first two flights it wasn't necessarily weather related.  The planes both had problems with their water systems.  Our connecting flight from Charlotte ended up having the same problem and as we waited to get it repaired, the pilot had reached his maximum hours to fly and wasn't able to take off due to FAA standards.

When talking to the lady who was helping me to re-book our flight after ours was canceled, she explained that so many of the airline workers are dealing with staff shortages as so many people are calling in because of COVID and that's forcing many of them to work extra hours.

It's always a good idea to make sure your phone is charged and that you have an extra power supply if you're headed to the airport.  Download the app for the airline that you intend to fly so that you can get immediate updates and in our case, you can then make adjustments or re-book flights that will be canceled.

Good luck if you are flying in the next couple days!

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