A plane door fell from the sky around the Western New York area, and people are still searching for it. 

The emergency involving the fallen plane door occurred in February 2024; however, there has been no report of the missing plane door being found. Police began their search for the door that fell off an aircraft mid-flight months ago, but they needed some help finding it. 

A call was placed by the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, and they contacted the Cheektowaga Police Department about the door.

The plane had an emergency landing 15 minutes before that call, and everyone – the pilot and passenger of the private plane – landed safely. However, that plane door is still out there, and they’re not sure where. 

But they have an idea. 

Authorities have reason to believe that the plane door is somewhere in the Cheektowaga area, perhaps by Stiglmeier Park or Raymond Park. Police have searched the area but have been unable to find the door, so the active search has been halted.

However, you still have a chance at finding the plane door. If you happen to find something around these areas that resemble a missing private plane door, please report the information to the FAA so they can continue their investigation as to how the incident occurred and why the door fell off the plane. 

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